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Review by QPR fan Lukas

Why did you choose to go to this game and why were you looking forward to it?

Birmingham is a popular away day and being on 2nd January stood out in the calendar. Prior to the game, me, my dad and my mate had never done Birmingham away so it was a new experience for all involved.

How did you travel to the game and how easy was it?

Me and my dad drove up from Buckinghamshire, with the journey taking just under two hours up the M40.

If you drove, was it easy to find car parking and make your way to the stadium?

We parked at the Morrisons adjacent to the ground, about a 2-3 minute walk from the away turnstile.

Where did you eat on your away day and was it good value?

We ate at a local chain called Big Johns which was very good. Wish they had it down south.

What did you think of the food and drink available inside the ground?

Only had a Bovril which was solid as per usual.

What did you think of the away end and your view of the game?

View was unrestricted.

What was the atmosphere like during the match?

The atmosphere in the away end was electric, a sellout. The home end was dead.

How friendly were the home fans out of 10?


How easy did you find it to get away from the stadium after the game?

Getting out and back to the car was easy, it took us a very long time to get out the car park though. Once out of the car park, it took us two hours to get home, including a quick stopover at Cherwell Valley services on the M40.

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