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Review by Newport County fan Ben Fisher

Why did you choose to go to this game and why were you looking forward to it?

I chose to go to this game because i’m a Newport County season ticket holder so i wanted to go. I was looking forward to the game because Newport hadn’t won a game in a few, but so had Bradford.

How did you travel to the game and how easy was it?

We travelled up on the NCAFCSC (Newport County AFC Supporters Club) coach. We broke down just 4 miles from the ground and we had to wait for a fleet of taxis to pick us all up and take us to the ground. It was easy to find the away section as there were very nice stewards who showed us the way.

Which pubs did you go to before the game and what was the atmosphere like?

We didn’t go to a pub before the game however, we all went to the Bradford Arms after the game where we were escorted by police and we had to wait for our coach to pick us up. The atmosphere however in the stadium wasn’t as good as you’d think it would be for a ground with a big capacity. Despite the fact that only 14,000 fans turned up (including 350 Newport County fans).

What did you think of the food and drink available inside the ground?

I thought that the food and drink inside the ground was very overpriced. A pint of beer was £4.50 and sausage rolls were nearly £3/£4 per one. However, the people serving us were really nice and helpful.

What did you think of the away end and your view of the game?

The away end was good and our view of the game was top notch.

What was the atmosphere like during the match?

It wasn’t as good as what I expected.

How friendly were the home fans out of 10?

I’d give the friendliness of the fans a 6/10.

How easy did you find it to get away from the stadium after the game?

It was easy as we had a police escort to the pub so we had no trouble.

How much did you spend in total on this away day? Was it good value for money?

On this away day I spent a total of £20.

Would you recommend this away day to other fans?

I definitely would as it was a good experience overall.

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