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Don’t just take our word for it when it comes to the best ways to get there, where to park, where to stay, or which pub to go when you’re going to see your team play Brighton & Hove Albion away. Find out what other away fans thought of their visit to the Amex Stadium in our away day reviews.

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Review by Everton fan Murph

Why did you choose to go to this game and why were you looking forward to it?

I live up the road and Brighton is always a good day out.

How did you travel to the game and how easy was it?

By Train. Very easy and subsidised for most of my trip, so it was cheap too.

If you got the train, how easy did you find it to make your way to the stadium from the station?

Change at Brighton and the station is at the ground.

Which pubs did you go to before the game and what was the atmosphere like?

Went straight to the ground as they have decent ale outside and in Harvey’s!

Where did you eat on your away day and was it good value?

I got a chicken pie and pint deal – really good. Always enjoy the ale and food at the Amex!

What did you think of the away end and your view of the game?

Great view and our end were in good spirits with early season optimism only dampened by the fact that Benitez was in charge.

What was the atmosphere like during the match?

Great. Brighton tried early on to rouse their team but we were in control and enjoyed it, which is a rarity for us.

How friendly were the home fans out of 10?

10 this time. They have been twits in the past, especially when they beat us with VAR, but this time they were good. Perhaps they’re fairer when they lose.

How easy did you find it to get away from the stadium after the game?

Queued 10 minutes for the train then straight into Brighton and the pub!

How much did you spend in total on this away day? Was it good value for money?

Not that much due to the almost free train travel although I did spend a few quid on the ale.

Would you recommend this away day to other fans?

Yes, certainly. A good day out. Unless you’re a Palace fan – they don’t seem to get on for some reason that’s beyond me… Something about Terry Venables I think.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your day?

Best on site ale in the prem.

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