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Review by Plymouth Argyle fan Ben

Why did you choose to go to this game and why were you looking forward to it?

Fleetwood was one of the away trips that I wasn’t going to do this year but after a win at home for our first game of the season it pushed me to do Fleetwood as it was the first away game for the season.

How did you travel to the game and how easy was it?

Travelled from Plymouth to Fleetwood by car. Journey was fine going up just a long 5hr 30 min journey and felt even longer home with the result.

If you drove, was it easy to find car parking and make your way to the stadium?

Lots of street parking around the ground. Recommend Gordon Road! Only a 2 minute walk and easy to get out after the game.

Which pubs did you go to before the game and what was the atmosphere like?

The stadium have their own bar called Jim’s which welcomed away fans. Highly recommended. Lots of TVs to watch the early kick off and friendly atmosphere, get there early and you’ll get a seat or even a booth area with TV’s in the wall.

What did you think of the food and drink available inside the ground?

Selection of food was good!

What did you think of the away end and your view of the game?

Away fans were behind the goal which was always a plus and was standing on the terrace. View was good just a small stand.

What was the atmosphere like during the match?

Poor atmosphere! Couldn’t hear anything from the home fans. The only noise they made was when they played that awful song when they scored which had put me off on another visit to the ground.

How friendly were the home fans out of 10?


How easy did you find it to get away from the stadium after the game?

With them having a low capacity and still not filling it leaving the ground was very easy.

If you stayed over, where did you stay and was it convenient for getting to the stadium?

With Argyle being so far away we always drive about an hour home and stay in a Premier Inn! Stayed at Premier Inn, Warrington (M6/J21)! Amazing stay at a Premier Inn like normal, highly recommend them!

How much did you spend in total on this away day? Was it good value for money?

Ticket: £17
Hotel: £41 including breakfast (need to pay for a room which was £63 but we halved that as there was two per room)
Petrol: Roughly £120

Not a bad away price if it wasn’t for the petrol!

Would you recommend this away day to other fans?

If you live far away I wouldn’t recommend going to this shed (ground) but it’s a nice away day for people living near by.

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